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Welcome to 2015 ! I can hardly believe it when I look back on this particular page! While I started this website in 1995 and worked on it for years, somewhere along the line I guess it became a cobwebsite. Ouch! So, here I am, working on it again... which is not only time consuming but I have to figure out what and where everything is again!

I really want to rewrite the entire website because then it could ALL be fresh but that's a little beyond me right now. I've updated the songlist page 'cause that's most important, and I've cut down the intro page too... just seemed like alot of that stuff wasn't important anymore.

Just a brief bit of info your ya'll... I started playing in Europe alot after 2001. I met a lovely norwegian woman in 2003, we got married in 2004, I moved here to Tonsberg Norway (her hometown) in september of 2004, we split up in 2008 and now the divorce is final and I've worked my arse off to get enough money to move back to New Orleans... october 31st 2010. Yep, Halloween night !

"Life is good ! Life is good ! ! Life is good ! ! !" As my friend RandyMan (trumpet & jazz guitar man) likes to say. Sometimes 'cause we needed convincing!!! But seriously folks, I'm back home now... giggin', working on another ZymondoStudio.... and I didn't have to swim and pull the cargo container behind me!!!

So, some of this is the old page, you can still enjoy alot of that 'cause this music business is what it is... and if you don't keep a sense of humor, well, it can really kick your arse! I played alot of solo piano / hotel gigs in Europe, even played a "brown pub" or two as they call it. It just means a not-so-highclass place where folks only come to get totally pissdrunk. Sort of like the redneck bar I played last november in Vinstra... not really a nice place. Oh well. Life goes on, uh?!?!

[Mr.Keys '2015]WHO?
George "Keys" Izquierdo, that's me! At least that's what my resume said last time I saw it. Anyway... I maintain this website, unless you don't like it, then we'll find someone else for you to talk to! Zymondo is also the name of my latest Zymondo Studio ... 48tracks of digital to hard disk on a MacPro8core with 10Gig of RAM and a Digi003 with ProToolsV10 and) This baby sings! Did I mention the mastering? Thats "DDD" babeee!!! The original Zymondo Studio (1989) was mid-sized, mid-priced, MIDI sequencing, multi-track (analog) recording facility (where I finally cut my first CD). I play keyboards & sing (see 'gig' further down this page), write music, commercials, industrial music, I was the audio engineer at a local tv station (WLAE-TV '95 thru '98), have taught 'Music Technology Classes', still wheel and deal some used equipment on the side, and other things too numerous to mention like Website Director at an Internet Service Provider in cybertown called MayberryUSA... (click resume for more info). Only need to book 15 minutes in the studio 'cause you know it won't take any longer than that? We can give you direction on that one too !

ZYMO, from the Greek, meaning "to brew or ferment" and Mondo, an underground expression for "the best of", hence... Zymo + Mondo = ZYMONDO... to make the best of! Have a Zymondo Day! and that's what this site is all about. Making the best of (the other) New Orleans. And letting YOU know about it!

On a personal note, because cyber-space can be pretty cold, Keys is just my stage name on the gig 'cause who the hell can pronounce Izquierdo !?   I was born and raised in New Orleans, left to travel the country in '73 with some insane road bands and came back to stay in '81. After seeing Our Great Country from the East Coast to the West Coast, South America, the Caribbean a few times the Far East, Africa and Europe all these years, there is one thing I've learned... Dorothy was right, "There's no place like home!"


New Orleans is, without any doubt in my mind, unlike any place else in this whole wide world. Sure we have the sights and sounds like so many other cities, but we are unbelievably rich in historical and cultural diversity, and oh, did I mention the food? It's the greatest! ...I'll have the grilled shrimp poboy dressed wit' swiss, light on da'mayo, large order of onion rings, bowl of Gumbo, a cold Barq's rootbeer and a slice of that pecan pie, hold the ice cream I'm watchin' ma'weight, and I need a large beans and rice to go. Oops!

Now... where was I...

Zymondo New Orleans Resource doesn't represent large business or corporate interest here - just some of my New Orleans friends offering their best to you through the wonderful World Wide Web. The fine folks on this website would like to bring to you the REAL NEW ORLEANS (the true local flavor), so when you come to visit, be for business or pleasure, you'll know how to find more of the REAL us, and not some synthesized extract by way of hype and over-priced, biased advertising. ok? O.K.! By the way, in case you were wondering...

yes, New Orleans does have the best politicians money can buy.

Oh yea... Gigs they come and gigs they go!
Oh! The stories I could tell...

In the early part of 1995 (actually off & on from early '93) I worked with Mr. Jimmy "ain't it funny how time slips away" Elledge (does anybody remember his 'hit' in '62/'63... )... Nice gig & very nice atmosphere, Jimmy played the grand piano and I played synthesized orchestration... "like a mini-concert" as the regulars would say. But alas... I knew it well. After 6 months on that gig I got a call from the G.M., Mr. Al said my services were no longer needed and they were changing the venue. Jimmy was supposed to give me 2 weeks notice... 2 week ago! OUCH ! ! !

That year I also had the 'late-shift' gig at a place out at Westend Park on the lakefront... it was several large tents on the platfrom that used to be Augie Del Lagos. LATE: as in Friday and Saturday nite 1am-5pm which is technically Saturday and Sunday morning! Six weekends of that and you can stick a fork in me... I'M DONE!

From May'95 thru April'98 I worked with Sharon Foster (a.k.a. Sha'on & Success with the New Orleans Express Band) and her sisters group E.L.S. (Elaine Foster) playing mostly weekends. They're both 'Mowtown' review/showband that usually work outta' town. We (Sharon Foster) also played Sao Paulo, Brazil for 3 weeks in April'97. They're basically the same type group so the musical transition was minimal. I've had to leave that whole scene 'cause they both get 'funny-wit-da-money', if you know what I mean! Musicians, y'all should check out my latest additions to zymondo.com about Ripoffs... at the very least, it should be entertaining and maybe even save you some money if ya' heed the warnings! (note: over the years now, I have gotten letters from other musician who experienced the same thing.)

Somewhere around the turn of the century I hooked up with Mr. Mirko Fistravic of Gronnigen Holland, a European booking agent, and started playing thru Europe alot... mostly as a solo act and it's great! Check the Gigs Page for more information... and, as always, if you're anywhere near... please stop in and say "Hey ya'll !"


Have you heard the CD? CHECK IT OUT! It's my solo act on the PC88mx Kurzweil Digital Piano, and my trusty SR16 Alesis Drum Machine and me singing my you-know-what off! Considering the limits of the technology, it ROCKS! Lot's of New Orleans flavor ya'll!

I have added a GIGs page at the request of Z-visitors so ya'll check it out for updates and DO stop by when you actually visit New Orleans. I love to meet fellow netizens!

Keep checkin' back!

In the meantime, the best place to find me these days? Cyberspace...


Fun Fact #409
As Woody Allen said in MIGHTY APHRODITE... "LIFE IS IRONY". Back in the '70's I played music with the Neville Brothers. Talk about wild times! If you'd like to see me in my "glory days" when I was younger and much crazier (If I can remember that far back) then click a date and see the band from that year... (and yea, even I'm laughing... now!)

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