Ripoffs, Liars & Thieves
The truth shall set you free!
Or atleast save you time, money & ha$$le!

DISCLAIMER?: The following new webpages are based on my personal experiences with these people. It is hard to be objective under such circumstances but never-the-less... it is my opinion that these people are liars, cheats & thieves AND people need to know. These pages will hopefully serve as a public service so others will not have to get RIPPED OFF like I've been!

Benjamin Antin, a.k.a. "Benny Grunch". . . Would his mother be proud?
If you're going to play music in New Orleans you might want to read this file...
'Benny Grunch' has ripped off many local musicians just to line his pockets!

Sharon Foster, a.k.a. "Shaon" and E.L.S. ~ Learning the hard way?
These women have no color preference when it comes to cheating their musicians.
And, they've ripped off so many, they're running outta' musicians to work with!

Ripped off by Dennis Bergeron ~ Bergeron Chrysler Plymouth Volvo
Tired of getting the short end of the stick? Check this web page out...
Get the facts on how I got ripped off by this car dealership in Metairie!

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  • 10/25/2001