Hey, I found it! The ol'band picture...


Picture it... 1976 in City Park at Ol' Spanish Fort...

From left to right... David 'Fav' Favaloro (sax), Charles Neville (sax), me George Izquierdo (keyboards & vocals), Jimmy 'Balls' Ballero (guitar & vocals), the (now) famous vocalist Aaron Neville, Willie Wes (another incredible singer), Paul Boudreaux (bass) and Scott 'the tank' Sherman (drums & vocals)...
Those were some WILD DAYS!

The BLACK GOLD CLUB, Houma, LA. summer of '76.

The left picture is Charles Neville in his Wild Tchoupitoulas Indian Mardi Gras outfit. Check the Mardi Gras Terminology Page for more info on da' Indians.

The right picture (from left to right) is me playing Rhodes electric piano, Willie Wes with the cow bell (that cat could sing like a bird!), Aaron Neville with the tamborine, behind him on bass was Paul Boudreaux, then Charles Neville with the alto sax.

Out of the picture were Scott on drums, Jimmy on guitar and David on the tenor sax.

Aaron Neville in this earlier days around 1978? We were all much thinner back then!

Here's Art in his music studio up on Valance Street, I was working on his computers and midi system.

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Updated 7/15/96