Hot String Band ~ 1981
at The Hired Hand!

The band from left to right; Tex Behrman (bass), Pat Garret (Guitar & Fiddle), Me of course on keyboards (Yamaha electric piano & ARP String Ensemble), Shelby Cash (drums & psychosis), Johnny Tremelo (Guitar) ~ The very best in Country Rock.

This group was the 'house band' at a new club in Metairie (the 'burbs) when C&W hit New Orleans. This was the place to be with over 12,000 square feet and almost 1,800 of that was dance floor. We packed this place 5 nites a week for the six months we were together. Had we been together longer we'd of killed each other.

Tex's real name was Theodore and he was actually from Philadelphia, not really a country boy but he knew how to play the right songs to get the right gigs and for the right money. Pat Garret was from New Jersey, and Johnny Tremelo, whose real name was Grant Perry, was from New York. Although they were both 'not-so-country' these guys were two of the nicest musicians I've ever had the pleasure of playing with. Lastly and certainly least was 'ol Shelby. His regular diet of uppers and downers left him psychotic by the end of the six month gig. It's not unusual for some musicians to be this self-destructive when they've locked into a good paying house gig and Shelby was certainly no exception. I think he was probably the main reason we didn't pick up the option to stay there longer. We were still packing the place 5 nights a week but everybody was just tired of the drummers insanity. There's always more where that came from (gigs as well as insanity!).

We did have some great times on that gig. 'Tex' moved back to Phili and has probably become the quintessential Lounge Lizard. Pat died of lung cancer in '84, proving that sometimes the good do die young. Grant moved out west where I've heard he's doing well. Ol' Shel' is hopefully lock up somewhere where he can't hurt anybody (like his wife if you know what I mean). Some things just never change!

Aahhh, the music business!

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