Coonazz @ Buddah's Belly 1975

Hey! What can I say about this great bunch of guys... we were some rockin' New Orleans dudes back then. Thanks to better living thru chemistry we were all on the same cloud each night. For several months we packed a little club in the 'burbs called Budda's Belly... between the 'brownies' and the Ozzo (sp?; it's a Greek liquor that taste like licorice candy?) each and every night was musically memorable... if 'I' could only remember those musical nights! It really was a time of "wine, women & song" and we played everything from Ernie K. Doe's Mother-in-Law to Robert Palmers' Sneakin' Sally Through the Ally.

(The top picture from left to right: that's me, our drummer Kenny Gereau, on sax Dave Fav', on bass Bobby Fonsica and ofcourse Jimmy "da'Bean" Ballero on guitar)

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