THE JEEP TRIP . . . by George

This little story is really about my Jeep, it's the reason I'm writing it... and maybe about Norway and New Orleans too because I'm born and raised in New Orleans but married a lovely woman from Norway and moved there for several years. They say, "Love is wonderful" and maybe it is... but that is pre-divorce. Post divorce, no matter what, is not so wonderful... and probably not even on the second divorce. But I'm getting off track here . . . let me explain . . .

Sunday, October 31 I made it back home to New Orleans in one piece after 2-1/2 years of living in Norway catching up to the bills of my 2-1/2 year marriage so I could leave there debt free and have all my taxes paid from over there too. You might make three times the wage in a foreign country like Norway but you will want to pay off all your bills in that country before you leave because they charge three times more to live in Norway . . . especially when it comes to taxes !

Finally, I'm home after flying all day and night on Holloween, somehow that seemed an appropiate night for me, being from New Orleans and the land of Marie Laveau and VooDoo and the like. Now, I had shipped all my little worldly possessions a month before I returned home... but right after actually shipping the container I'm told customs doesn't like it if your 'stuff' gets there before you do, so I managed to get the shippers to detain (loose?) the container for what turned out to be 4 extra weeks. When I get home, it's me, my little chihuahua 'Blefuscu' and an air mattress on loan and a suitcase of clothes. Fine, I'll wait for the container . . . two and 1/2 weeks.

My best friend John picked me up at the airport, took me to the house, we hung out and surveyed things a bit, found out my 'friend' Sue and her young son had left the house in very dirty, shape. So much for renting your house cheap because your friend has agreed to take the very best care of it while she's living there and saving her money. About 3am we went to Johns house to drop him off because he was gonna'loan me his car. Bless you John, you are my friend! Now I had wheels to start getting things in order, spend as much as possible at Home Depot to do some work on the house and generaly get around with no problem. Yeah! As our mutual friend RandyMan would say, "Life is good."

Two and a half weeks later, the container arrives at the house... now I'm feeling better !

I tried to get some folks to help with the unloading because the container that was on the ground for loading up in Norway, was now 4 feet off the ground backed into the driveway. Maybe the US doesn't have a transport truck that can slide a 20 foot container off the back so you can load or unload it 'by-hand' on the ground.

OK, I'm just happy to have what's left of my stuff and on 'my' grounds... even if it wasn't 'on' the ground... it could have really gotten lost, fell off the ship and sunk in the ocean, gone to Hong Kong or any number of other things. Dispite me tempting fate by asking the shipper to delay delievery it arrived in one piece, a little shaken but still in one piece.

Well, no help that wednesday so I started to unload it myself after making something to climb up and down on. At 55 I don't find myself jumping much. Once again, my great-best-friend John came over thursday and helped me finish unloading the container. I did unload about a quarter of it but the next day, John & I finished it up in 4 hours... including the upright piano! Great!

A point of interest, I moved to Norway lock, stock & barrel in a 40 foot container... but came back in a 20 foot container and much poorer than I'd been in decades. So much for me and marriage I guess.

Now, about the used 1998 Cherokee. All I need is for my good ol' Jeep to come into Galveston Texas because that's where the "Ro-Ro" will dock from Norway. Roll On Roll Off boat. I recieved a few emails from the broker in New Jersey (yes, New Jersey) saying it will be in on the 30th... OK, I'm waiting!

My very good friends Jerry & Eve live in Austin Texas, so I decided to catch the bus to visit with them until the email came in saying the Jeep had arrived in Galveston and you can pick it up... great! Austin is closer to Galveston than New Orleans has ever been... it all made perfect sence to me . . . at the time.

This is where it starts to get a little complicated but I guess I have only myself to blame. I hadn't gotten my Louisiana drivers licence renewed when I got back thinking my Norwegian licience would be just fine for a while, and since Thankgiving caught me off guard, as do most holidays unless I'm playing a piano somewere, I didn't get the new licience plate or insurance together either to make the Jeep legally drive-able.

I had already bought my bus ticket ($82 worth) to San Antonio for saturday, and yes I know San Antonio isn't Austin, I screwed that up to. Anyway, I asked my worlds-best-friend John if he could get the plate and insurance for me on monday and send it overnight to Austin where I'd be... then I could go and get the Jeep on wednesday the first. It was a plan and what I thought was a good one. Not.

Being the absolute God-send, John said he'd help me with all that on monday, I'd have all the goodies by tueday or wednesday at the latest... overnight USPS, $15 instead of Fed-Ex for $50. John knows about these things. Cool John. So I left for Austin saturday geared up to ride a bus with little Blue dog under my jacket. Oh, we did get busted when we were almost to San Antonio but the driver let me go and we finished the trip. Yeah!

At this point, I'm already in Austin by way of the Greyhound bus company and it's wheeling world of 'interesting' people but on the way, I did find out Jerry would be leaving for Connetticut for work the next morning at 4:45... and, he'd just picked me up in San Antonio at the bus station the night before. Damn! Yes, I should have taken a bus into Austin... my bad!

I call John monday evening because I haven't heard from him, only to get the bad news that 'his' DMV (near his house across the river) would not do the plate deal. Ofcourse, I had explained to him and shown him where to go to get a plate and insurance 'cause that's the "easiest" way to do it. Oh well, I'm still waiting on the news (rd: email) of my Jeeps arrival in Galveston. John has sent the paperwork to me in Austin... by FedEx because he was a day late in sending it. So much for the $15 U.S.Postal Service. Ouch!

OK, now I've decided to go back to New Orleans to take care of all the things I should have taken care of in the first place. Now it's wednesday and the paperwork come in overnite... for the FedEx charge of $50.. Tuesday nite, Eve and I went over the possibilities and finacial repercussions of getting everything straight back home. Cheapest versus the time factor, etc.

I got a plane ticket from Houston to New Olreans and back again... We figured wednesday afternoon, take a $20 bus from Austin to Houston, catch a plane home, $337, spend all day thurday working on getting all the missing pieces, then friday morning, the Jeep will definitly be in port... I hope. I'm flying back very early, will figure out how to get to Galveston and the Jeep... and bingo! All is good! I can go visit Jerry & Eve, and pick up my lil'chihuahua and drive home at my leasure.

Back at wednesday, I catch the bus from Austin and arrive at the downtown Grayhound Houston bus station, I ask about catching a bus to the airport, they tell me, I go two blocks and around the corner to the city bus terminal, I finally find out from a bus driver there the stop I need is across the street... I had passed it. The person I saw at that stop was gone... seems I had missed the bus by a few minutes... oh well, I'll catch the next one. I wait. Meanwhile, I haven't eaten since 2 that afternoon and it's 8 something. OK, I'll wait... I'd rather be hungry than miss the bus again, I'll get something at the airport. I'm waiting for the #88 bus now.

The bus finally shows and I'm going to the Hobby airport in south Houston only to find out, I'm at the wrong airline and the wrong airport. Ouch! I go downstairs and end up catching a cab for the International "George Bush" airport (I'm only going to New Orleans from Houston) for the fair cab fare of $65. Ouch! Of course at this point I'm not so happy or accepting of the situation but the driver assures me I'll catch my flight. We actually did get there in time... or so I thought. The driver had dropped me off at the wrong terminal, by the time I get to the right one, no one is at the counter... we're talking probably 30 to 40 Continental Airline plus positions and nobody was there! I was 1 minute late.

Security won't let me thru to catch the plane before they close the plane door because I have no boarding pass. The "international" airport wants you to swipe your passport thru the self service machine. And I'm in the U.S.of A... why would I be carrying my passport?! At this point in time, 10:00, I still have not eaten since 2 in the afternoon, the TSA folks tell me the plane has left, then some TSA numbnut tells me I should try to get to the airport a few hours early.

At this point I got angry and a bit loud and began yelling at that guy because I had tried to explain my situation, for the third time at that point, to this particular group of groping TSA alleged security people. I guess I stormed off. Damn !

The 'numbnut' TSA alleged security person followed me out to 'check' on me... I apologized to him personally and he commented he was about to call the police. The other TSA agent was trying to help me and was telling me where to catch the Metro bus back to the downtown main terminal where I came from about 2 hours before. In the process of all this, while I was asking for directions from airport workers I was being directed to different terminals and was wasting just enough time to miss da'plane, da'plane boss. Damn !

I went downstairs to take a bus back to the bus terminal determined to get back to New Orleans and the nice lady there took that bus all the time and told me I needed exact change. When I got out there I think I had missed the metro bus back to town by only a few minutes. Damn !

Outside, an older gentlemen, who struck me as being south american, don't ask me why, asked me about the metro, I said I didn't know but would ask at the cab stand across the way. I was given the #102 bus schedule. It said the last bus was 11:17, so we had time... yeah! The man pulled up his sleve and his huge, shinny diamond studded watch said, 12:10... we had missed it! He asked when the bus started to run again and then said something about the Marriott hotel for some rest. I went back inside by the luggage to find some food, I couldn't ignore my stomach any longer. I told the nice little woman working inside about the schedule and that I'd miss the bus for the night and she pointed out it was only after 11 and not 12. That big watch with all those diamonds couldn't even keep the right time! Damn!

I went off in search of food! Although all the places were closed. At that point even machines would do and I found them. Oh the joy of a Dr. Pepper and a cinnamin bun and chips. Sometimes it's the little things in life... Yeah!

Coming back up smiling, the little lady was motioning to me that there was a bus in. Yeah! However, at that point I did not have enough exact change left for the bus but the nice driver let me by despite being 8 cents shy of full fair. What luck!

When I got on the bus, I decided to jot all this down for posterity and had a nice trip back to the main bus station. I called my buddy John to let him know the situation and he convinced me to call Continental to see about another ticket in the morning. I did call but after hanging on my 'pay-by-the-minute' cellphone for what seemed like an hour, I hung up, called John back and told him I would call him when I was 30 minutes out the next morning. Gezz, ain't nothing easy sometimes.

Now it's thursday morning about 1 am and I get downtown at the Grayhounds. The next bus was at 4 but the Dog will only get me to Baton Rouge by about 10 in the morning and then I'll have to wait 3 hours for a bus to New Orleans and that one will make many stops so I won't get in until 3.30 pm. That ain't gonna'work. I'll be thumbing it from Baton Rouge going down Airline highway and praying there are no 'Mansons' or 'Bundys' on the loose in the area! Yikes!

A note here about thumbing a ride... it doesn't work anymore. I found that out trying to get from the Grayhound station to the local Baton Rouge bus terminal. Folks are too afraid to pick up strangers... specially a 6'1", slightly overweight, 56 year old man... no matter how much I smile !

OK, now I'm at the local bus station there in lovely Baton Rouge... a town I lived in for 4 years playing keboards for a few different bands before I finally moved back home to New Orleans in 1981. I found out there was a bus going (almost) directly to New Orleans in one and a half hours and I'd get there around 2.30 in the afternoon. OK, I could hang with that since it was my only choice. That might be enough time to get out to my house where 'my' Department of Motor Vechlcals was and get a licence, a licence plate and then my insurance to take back to Texas.

I called John on the way in and he agreed to help me once more in one of my many hours of need I seem to keep having, then I'd go back to my house, get some rest and catch the plane back at 6:45am. When he picked me up downtown he told me he had a meeting and would just give me his car so I could take care of business and we could hookup when we were finished taking care of our respective business. Cool John.

I got to the DMV at 3:30 . . . they closed at 4 . . . things seemed to be working out now. While standing in line, I noticed a sign that said I had to have proof of insurance with me... I had not picked up that paperwork but I had spoke to Nita and Angel about it a few weeks before this. Dispite the many people practicing patients my number came up quickly and I went to see the lady at her desk. I was jovial and trying to smooth talk the situation. I did manage to get my licience plate title, sign up for a driving test for the next week plus the written test because the US doesn't have any 'agreement' with Norway about their driving liciences. But try to avoid taxes from one country to another... all of a sudden they DO have some agreements. Yea, right!

Anyway, it's taken care of by 4:10 and I'm on my way to get the insurance, not a problem because Angel and Nita were still both there, then half a block down was a place to get a licience plate. Done! No I didn't have a valid Louisiana drivers licence but I did have my old 2 year out dated one, my up-to-date Norwegian drivers licience, both with pictures, my licience plate and insurance. Life is good!

By the time I called John, he already had a ride and was almost home across the river. He said keep the car he'll get it later and get some rest. Riding buses is not very restful and as usual, John understands. I went home, ate two frozen dinners, had two cold rootbeers and some chocolate Kisses. I finally checked my emails and found out the Jeep 'was' in but Customs had a 'hold' on it. I thought, "was there a real problem or is my Jeep just that sexy?"

I managed to get 4 hours sleep and get up to catch the 6:45 flight friday morning. Oh, that cab ride was $20 to the airport. I should have woken Lynne nextdoor for a ride, she gets up pretty early. Besides, it would have been payback for not fixing Thanksgiving dinner to welcome me home like she promised she would. Oh well, she has a new boyfriend across the lake and I hadn't seen her much on the weekends the last month.

Back to the Jeep tale... but first. I got to the airport friday mornig and went to the United counter because for some reason I could not get the online boarding pass at home on the computer. The clerk said I had to go down to the Continental Airline desk even though, as I pointed out, the paperwork clearly said "United". Off I went. Continetal desk clerk, Mr.Ronnie, showed me on my paperwork departure time was PM and not AM! Damn!

Continental, being the efficient folks that they are, got me on the 6:40 am since I was there and that was leaving for Houston shortly. I told him that would be great because I needed to get to Houston to get to Galveston to get the Jeep... even thought I still only knew that Customs was 'holding' it for some reason.

At this point I'm really feeling dain bramage and it's a bit embarassing because I know ALL the events leading up to this point... personally! Thank God nobody else knows. Gezz!

I got into Houston just before 8, it was friday, very early in the morning (especially for a nightcrawler musician like me), and decided to eat some breakfast incase this day turned out to be anything like yesterday. I noted during my breakfast, airports are alot like bus terminals only a little more upscale, but the same dynamics. Everybody is doing their own thing, trying to get someplace else and basicly ignoring most everything around them except to not bump into someone while 'on-the-move.'

Now it was about 9am and I called Susan, the auto broker in New Jersey, about the Jeep in Texas, go figure, and told her I was in Houston. She said, "good news! the Jeep was released... BUT... Customs needed a payment of $85 before releasing it but it had to be by bank, not cash or money order. She said she would call them to see if we could work around the little problem and I could get the Jeep. Yeah!

Well, Susan worked it out, I was in Houston, about 40 miles northwest of Galveston and I could hear my lil'Jeep calling my name... ready to hit the highway again, groovin' at 70mph with the cruise control on and oh so happy to run the roads again burning too much fossil fuel like every American car should.

Ya'see, when I got the Jeep to Norway in 2006, I had been driving it for 6 years. On a vehicle you bring in like that, you have to pay taxes for a few things, road taxes, vehicle taxes, have the right type of headlights, the right tires (summer and winter tires are required by Norwegian law... among other things), and then there were the 'import' taxes. They don't really explain much about that one until you take care of the other stuff first. So, three days later, corrected and re-wired driving lights, proper inspection and blessings, new tires and about $1500 later, I went back for the final 'inport tax'.

The Jeep was in great shape when I bought it, I kept it in very good shape, enjoyed more 'highway' miles than 'intown' miles, it only had 100,000 miles on it... I really wanted to keep her. Sorry about the female reference but my Jeep was nicer than my ex-wife!

I had really enjoyed driving the Jeep again since it had sat so much in the garage while I was overseas alot for the last several years. I would play a month or three and go home for a month with the loot... it was nice but the Jeep got dusty sometimes. No problem, I was gonna'have it in my new home of Norway... which is a country next to, and not the capital of, Sweden ya'll.

Smiling a bit suspiciously the 'tax/customs' lady at customs told me 134,400 kroner would be the final payment on the import tax and I'd be cleared to drive my Jeep in Norway. Wait, what? 134,400 KRONER !?!? Now, 134,400 is over $22,000... that's right, twenty two thousand dollars, in kroner. I laughed and said, wait, you must have a comma in the wrong place, you mean 13,440 kroner. That would have seen almost reasonable. No, she said that was right... almost the cost of replacing my 8 year old 1998 Jeep with a new 1998 Jeep, that I had bought used at the end of 1999 for about $16,000.

Even if I had been working full time it would take almost half a year to make that, didn't include needing any monies to pay bills and such like insurance. Ouch! So, I took my lovely Jeep back to the house, tail between our legs, covered her up, and she sat there until Catrine and I seperated. I rented a house with a garage and the Jeep sat in there until 6 months before I left the coutnry. But now she's back. Yeah?

Well, I catch the airport bus to the main terminal which is also by the Greyhound bus station. I had to get to Galveston that day, no matter what, I was going to get to Galveston. No matter . . . no such luck. The only bus was Greyhound and that went to Galveston twice a day, 7am and 6pm. That would put me there too late. A cab was $110 dollars, the SuperShuttle was $101, a private car was $91 and there was no train to Galveston.

Maybe, if I had not had to go back with the $337 plane that I missed and the $65 cab fare I paid to miss that plane to back home, and the $50 bus to Baton Rouge, and the $5 bus to New Orleans the other little bus fares to and from downtown airports. . . well, maybe I would have gone in a cab, but this was all way over my budget already.

I just wanted to see my friends, get my Jeep and go home to a normal life again, where I speak the native language, which is not norwegian or spanish, where the law doesn't require snow tires starting every november first because you can't use summer tires in three feet of snow, where it's not freakin'freezing outside, where you don't have to dress like an Eskimo just to walk your dog, where I understand the money and taxes and what song the drunk is requesting at the end of the night, where the women are nicer and home is just a little drive away, where I have my studio operational in enought space to operate the studio, there's a decent workshop in the garage with room there too, and... just give me my Jeep!

Well, by 11:30 I had exhausted all the possiblities and time was running out . . . I decided to call Eve back in Austin . . . maybe she would run me to Galveston and help me get there in time if I bribed here... it was gonna'cost me something no matter what choice I made. After some carful thought Eve said yes, she just had to recieve my email with the paperwork that needed to print out for the Customs people, then pick me up in Houston and we'd be in Galveston . . . on time . . . cash money in hand to pay the Customs 'inspection' and I'd be driving my good ald Jeep again... finally. Back to Austin, chill for the weekend and drive back home on sunday night or monday morning. I once dated a girl who lived in Austin... I was working in Houston almost every weekend at the time and it's a nine and one half hour drive... no problem. Yeah!

With the friday afternoon traffic, Eve finally picked me up at Hobby Airport, the southern most airport in Houston . . . the wrong one I went to first just two days before. Houston is kind of a large town . . . so large that there are three loops aroud the city . . . very large traffic loops. When the traffic jams start, it reallly is a big jam. Guess what happened to Eve. Yep, caught in the 'jam'. Damn.

We finally did get to beautiful Galveston. Blue skys, mild and breezy, and what seemed like very slow moving traffic. The Jeep 'invoice' only had the address of Pier 37-39. We had to make a quick bathroom break and asked a security guard, getting coffee, where we were and where we were going. He said it was just down the road and he'd be happy to show us if we'd follow him. Great!

We got to Gate 14, at the end of 14th Street but 15 minutes too late. The guard at the gate informed us the dock "union" stops at 4 pm. Not to be confussed with 3:59 or 4:01... they stop and somehow to disappear at 4pm. OK, now what do I do? Maybe return to Austin with Eve so she doesn't have to make the drive back alone, I could go to the flea market and help her with her table, then take the bus back to Houston on sunday or monday, come back to Galveston. Or stay, get a room and 'hang' until monday. So close and yet so far. I was close too !

I stayed. I was just too close at that point and my determination had the best of me. Of course Eve wanted to walk on the beach... cool. No oil... cool... and we had a great dinner at SaltGrass on the coast first... joked and laughed about my bad timing, my dain bramadge and this whole fiasco. About 7 in the evening, she was on her way home and I was staying the weekend at the cheapest hotel I could find... that had HBO and internet... that was only $123 for 3 nights. Welcome to Galveston everybody!

Saturday was really uneventful. I wanted to go to the Dickens festive the guy at the port entrance was bragging about but had no energy to do anything. About 5 in the afternoon I got myself to the Dennys one block over. They had wifi so I could atleast check email and surf some web. For whatever reason, the hotels wifi didn't work very well when at all. And to get anything I had to be outside the room and haning off the balcony... so much for cheap hotels. The Dennys folks were nice enough and let me hang with the wifi until my computer ran down.

Ya'know, on second thought, if the Dennys folks were really nice, they would have provide a power outlet! Guess I could have asked? As the sun was going down I enjoyed a perfect breakfast of scrambled eggs with ham and cheeze, some lovely grits, wheat toast, coffee and a big orange juice. And before I did leave, 3hrs later, a piece of pecan pie. God Bless America . . . and grits and pecan pie.

Sunday I finally did go to the Galveston 'Dickens' festival about 2 hours before it all closed. I guess I could have made that 3 hours before it all closed but I walked to downtown Galveston and took alot of pictures of the neighborhoods... alot of Victorian Styling there, hence the 'Dickens' festival, but there were also the SteamPunk people as well as the Dickens period folks in some great old time clothes. Some very elegant folks to say the least... and the SteamPunk folks were holding their own too! Don't ask me why but I came across a small anvil... a very small 3 to 4 inch, but real anvil, and bought it from a SteamPunker sitting at his table of wears. Pretty cool !

The displays were excellent, some very nice live 'Irish' music, a SteamPunker with a fine SteamPunk'd guitar, with built in amp. Man that cat could wail ! In general alot of fine folks, enjoying themselves, possing for pictures at anybodys request so I took lots of them, and a veritable cornicopia of arts and crafts. Been there, done that, got the tshirt to prove it! Mighty fine!

As it finally got dark that sunday I went back to Dennys. I ate a fabulous bacon cheeseburger with onion rings, sevearl glasses of ice tea and of course, a piece of pecan pie for desert. Somewhere between the festival and that piece of pecan pie, I could feel it . . . life was good ! Back to the hotel, try to rest before getting up early to finally get the Jeep. I slept about 4 hours.

So, monday . . . yeah! I made it to monday !

I have to add, in all honesty, at this point I've paid almost $3000 to ship the Jeep to Galveston for pickup and to get myself to Galveston to get the Jeep back home... she sat in Norway for more than four years, I really couldn't sell her there because I'd of had to include the cost of taxes to make it legal, a bit less than the total price of a brand new Jeep mind you, it was an American rear wheel drive, not a four wheeler, and, well I still liked the Jeep. I bought it used but it came in great shape, kept it in great shape, most milage was highway with the cruise control, no drag racing, changed the oil regularly, and it lived in the garage back at the house when I was touring and playing in Europe since 2001. It really still is a nice Jeep and I know that personally.

So, monday morning, I walk the mile or so over and down 14th Street to the dock and entrance/security gate number fourteen... taking more pictures of houses, rocks, trees and their roots, churches and whatever else looked interesting along the way... oh, hey, there is major security at those dock places.

Seems you need a TWIC card (whatever that is, but I know I didn't have one of those cards) to get on the premises as well as whatever paperwork about your business there. I had to call a TWIC person... then just wait... and wait... and, well, about 45 minutes later a woman in a shinny black pickup truck showed up, brought me to the Jeep 500 yards away, we went to the 'house trailer/office' and took care of a bunch of paperwork... Sign here, I'll sign there, sign this too by the 'X', here's your copy, that's my copy, damn! I just want my freakin'Jeep thank you. They were certainly nice enough folks but lunch was at 11:45... the Union ya'll... everything stops and starts according to Union rules.

OK, I'm alright with that... I was getting my Jeep back! Hello!? Can I have my Jeep now?!?! Thank you so much, God bless you, you guys are fabulous, this is great, she's in great shape, ya'll did a great job, I have all my papers, yes, and this will get me out of the gate, right, I hope you enjoy ya'lunch, I had a nice weekend even though I hadn't planned on staying, Galveston is so lovely, thanks again for everything, glad ya'll didn't get any of that oil on the beach, it was so nice, ya'll take care, bye now.

Now I was actually sitting in the Jeep, looked at all my papers and reciepts thrown on the passenger seat and floor by the inspecting Customs folks and thought about a few missing items like the mini-matches from some fancy hotel in Switzerland, my smilie face yellow ball I bought in a gumball machine in north Norway, the little bean bag ya'see kids standing in a circle kicking it back and forth that I found in Germany, and my magnetic New Orleans Fleur de Les that was on the back of the hatch. Oh well, so what was next. At that point... Life was good and getting better !

I started her up, listened to my 4 liter engine a few minutes, sounded alright to me and drove politly to the gate, showed my paperwork, which they couldn't care less about because I was finally leaving and I was going home... oh, that's right, not straight home right away but after I went back to Austin to pick up Blefuscu, my lil'chihuahua, at Jerry and Eves house. Gezz, that's 4 hours in the wrong direction but I couldn't bring Blue on the bus, on the plane, back on the plane, back on the bus, down to Galveston. Leaving Bleu with Eve was the best choice for all concerned... specially since Eve just loved my little dog and was nice enough to babysit.

I suppose I'm always learning things, and sometimes we, or atleast me, learn the hardway. OK, alot of times. Ouch! But, life is good, most of the crap I have to deal with is from my own wrong choices... which we most often only see in hinesight if we're not too busy blaming others. Yes, my back is bad right now from all that bus riding I guess but I am really home now. I have my house, all (rd: most) of my little worldly possessions, my beautiful chihuahua Blefuscu, my piano fingers, gigs coming up and my Jeep to get to the gigs. Yep, almost like it was ten years ago all over, but with a marriage and divorce under my belt, a little pain in my back and not a big pain in my arse anymore and a whole lot poorer. Thank you God and your Angel of Mercy, my best friend in the whole wide world John, thank you Catrine my ex (yea, pronounced like the huricane only with more wreckage, ouch!), thank you Norway, thank you Jerry and Eve, I'm glad we had some time together, thank you Greyhound and Houston, Thanks Mr.Ronnie at Continental, thanks Port of Galveston folks, thanks everybody except the numbnut at TSA in Houston ! I'm home ya'll ! ! ! Yea RandyMan, Life Is Good ! ! !

Updated July 2011